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Allison and baby Alexandra

Grace and baby Charlotte

When my daughter was four months old, we moved to Bolivia for my job and my milk supply plummeted. I tried everything I could read and tried to find local support and found lots of conflicting advice. Then I decided to contact via email the staff at Northern Virginia Lactation Consultants, where I initially had a consultation when Charlotte was a newborn. One of the LCs responded to me immediately with suggestions and research based websites so I could communicate better with my health care providers in Bolivia. I didn’t know if I could  fix my milk supply issue, but I was  so very grateful for the support and professional help from NVLC. I have sent a picture of us at an ancient Inca shrine that celebrates motherhood and I hope that I can continue to breastfeed my beautiful daughter for at least a year.

Baby Miles Thomas

Baby Miles Thomas, Parents Mike and Gloria

“Our family journey began with our early baby, Miles Thomas, a month early at 36 weeks. After birth Miles did not breastfeed and had a very difficult time latching and staying awake during the feeding. During our office visit, Nancy reassured us that he was acting very normal for a “near term” baby and that with maturity he would become a breastfeeding little boy. With her caring experience with early babies, she helped Miles learn to breastfeed while supporting my milk supply. Within several weeks, with lots of support from Nancy, Miles was going to breast more and more, we were becoming more confident parents in feeding and taking care of Miles. Now at three months, he is fully breastfeeding and I am a very happy mother. I hope we continue this beautiful wonderful relationship for many months to come.”

– Gloria S.- Mother of Miles

Priscilla, Dennis and baby Gray

Priscilla, Dennis and baby Gray

“My husband and I gave birth to our first child Gray in June, 2013. I didn’t know much about breastfeeding before that time, but we both knew we wanted to breastfeed our son. We know that breastfeeding was something that women and babies are designed to do, but we didn’t know that it was a learned art for both the mother and the baby. Our time in the beginning was rocky and required the assistance of an experienced Lactation Consultant.

We learned of Nancy Clark through our Doula, who spoke very highly of her. We called late on a Sunday evening and she gave us some tips to get through the night, until our morning home visit. Our first visit with Nancy changed everything. We were so grateful and relieved that Nancy could meet with us so quickly, since we know that the first two weeks is a critical time for mother and baby to establish breastfeeding. She taught me how to do a correct latch on, recognize hunger cues and address sore nipple and engorgement problems. She wrote out a plan for me and from that day forward, I was much more comfortable  and confident breastfeeding.

Over the next three months, I emailed Nancy countless times with questions about my baby and she was always very responsive. She always spent as much time with us as we needed and did not rush us through a consultation. Nancy is a combination of everything I feel a LC should be: competent, nurturing, warm, honest, supportive  and has exceptional expertise. My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Nancy and would recommend her to any of our friends looking for breastfeeding help.”

– Priscilla and Denis – Parents of Gray

baby Tien

baby Tien

“I developed mastitis at four months and was being treated by my physician, but I continued to have plugged ducts. My OB referred me to your practice, so I could clear the plugged ducts. When I arrived in your office, I was in a lot of pain and Nancy examined the infected breast and gave me ice packs to help me get more comfortable. Nancy coordinated my care with my physician to get well again and also gave me a care plan to recover and prevent future infections.

Thanks again for your follow up and the great care you provided. My visit with Nancy had a huge impact and helped me out on so many levels. I hope you are all keeping well.”

– Tien’s mom

baby Ria
baby Ria

Thank you for taking such good care of us. Our baby Ria was so sleepy after birth she would not breastfeed. I started pumping, but I could not get her back to breast. My lactation consultant was patient and helped me with the transition to breast, while teaching me how to establish a good milk supply. Now at three months, I have a happy breastfeeding baby. I will now refer any breastfeeding mother who has problems to your practice.

– Keisha


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