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Mom comes when pregnant, partners are invited at no additional charge


Breastfeeding Basics: Getting Started & Keeping the Milk Flowing  |  class $60 – 2 hrs

This is a comprehensive, introductory class for expectant couples who plan on breastfeeding.  Although breastfeeding is normal & natural, studies have shown that mothers who have taken a class are more likely to meet their own breastfeeding goals.

Topics covered:  breast changes & milk production, getting baby started, understanding your baby’s cues, frequency of feedings, achieving a comfortable latch, how to recognize an effective feed, how to build a good milk supply, and how to overcome common difficulties. This class focuses on establishing the breastfeeding relationship in the first 6 weeks of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding in Special Situations   |  call for fee – 1.5 hour private class/consultation

This private class will be customized to meet your needs. If you are having a scheduled C-section, having twins, had previous breastfeeding difficulty or breast surgery, or are simply worried about your ability to breastfeed, this pre-natal consultation with one of our Lactation Consultants will prepare you to breastfeed your new baby(s). We will answer your questions and review the steps to successful breastfeeding.

Baby Care Basics  |  class $60 – 2 hrs

This is the class to help alleviate the new parent jitters!  You & your partner will learn the basics of newborn care in this hands on class.  You will leave the class having diapered, swaddled, burped, calmed, and sung to your (pretend) baby. You will also learn what is normal newborn behavior and when to call the pediatrician.

Topics covered include: Normal newborn appearance. Care for baby’s eyes, umbilical cord, circumcision. Normal newborn development. Selecting a pediatrician & when to call. Preparing pets for your baby’s arrival. Diapering, Burping, Swaddling. Calming techniques.  What to expect the first several weeks at home.

Childbirth Express  |  class $150 – 6 hrs

This intensive class will help you & your partner feel more prepared for your labor & birth experience.  You will be provided with an overview of what to expect as you & your partner go through the labor & delivery process.  This is the ideal childbirth class for the busy couple.

Topics covered include: signs of preterm labor, how to know when you’re going into labor, when to go to the hospital, how to transport mother, what to bring to hospital for labor and postpartum. Stages and phases of labor. Coping techniques–brief explanation of breathing, relaxation techniques. Pain medications. Writing a birth plan; Communicating with health care providers. Medical options and procedures (IV, internal/external fetal monitoring, forceps, vacuum extractor, induction, augmentation, and use of pitocin). Cesarean birth. What to expect in your postpartum recovery.

To Register

To reserve your place in any of the classes, please call us at 703-425-BABY (2229) to provide a credit card for payment.

When booking, please let us know if a partner or support person will be joining you. There are no refunds, except in cases of a medical event.

We look forward to having you and your loved ones join us!