Breastfeeding and Back to Work Class  |  private class call for fee

This private class is for mom and baby to attend together. The Lactation Consultant will review that breastfeeding is going well and make recommendations to balance working and breastfeeding. This class will answer many questions about working and providing milk for your baby. We recommend that you take this class four weeks prior to returning to work.  Topics covered are:

  • Choosing the best pump
  • Building a freezer stash
  • Introduction of bottles
  • Working with your daycare provider
  • Pumping schedules
  • Wardrobe considerations
  • Re-connecting with baby
  • Looking for the work/home balance

To Register

To reserve your place in any of the classes, please call us at 703-425-BABY (2229) to provide a credit card for payment.

When booking, please let us know if a partner or support person will be joining you. There are no refunds, except in cases of a medical event.

We look forward to having you and your loved ones join us!