Consultation Forms

We need to treat the consultation as a feeding time, please do not feed the baby 1.5 to 2hours before the consult

What to bring to your consultation

One adult-sized bath towel, two cloth diapers or burp cloths, a plastic bag for dirty diapers, a bottle of water and snack for mom, the name, address, phone and fax number of your OB/GYN and Pediatrican or Heath Care Provider. Please bring any breastfeeding aids that you were given in the hospital or purchased, such as nipple shields, syringes, pump, etc. Please total your daily feeding logs.

The consultant will ask you:

  • How many times has your baby gone to breast in the past 24-hrs and for about how long has your baby fed?
  • How many times have you pumped in a 24-hr period?
  • How many minutes are you pumping and how much milk did you obtain in total, all pumping sessions combined?
  • What kind of pump are you using?
  • How much breast milk have you fed to your baby by bottle in the past 24-hrs?
  • How much formula have you fed to your baby in the past 24-hrs?

If you are supplementing your baby, please bring enough breast milk or formula for a feeding. We encourage a support person to
attend. Some families like to bring their video camera to record the session, to have as their own personal teaching tape. Ideally,
your baby should be hungry, not ravenous, when you come. Please feel free to bring a list of questions. We love lists! They help us
make sure that we are meeting your needs.

We treat the consult as a feed, so try not to feed your baby for 1½ to 2 hours before your appointment time.

If you would like the consultant to personally t your nursing bra, or if you need for us to bring a breastpump or hands-free pumping system, please notify us in advance.

Before your visit, please fill out and submit the all the required forms below

Consultation Client Intake Form

Mother and Baby Health Intake Form

Consultation Consent Form