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Northern Virginia Lactation Center is transitioning from a boutique to a collaborative center for the birth and babies community. This means that we need to make more space for family members. While we will still carry all of your Medela pumping kit supplies, Motherlove and Go Lacta herbs, we will be downsizing our stock of nursing clothing, bras, tanks and pillows. Please keep an eye out on our facebook page and blog for upcoming sales.

Our Newest Addition to our Supplement Family, is Mulanggay by Golacta.

Generations of Asian mothers have turned to one natural source when they needed to increase their breast milk production: Malunggay. The leaves of the Malunggay tree (moringa oleifera) are nature’s own galactagogues — nature’s way of helping you increase the amount of breast milk you produce.

Go-Lacta® is a plant-based supplement that has scientifically shown to increase mom’s breast milk supply. Mothers who ate Malunggay produced almost 200% more milk than mothers who didn’t. Download the study here!

Go-Lacta® is 100% vegan using premium Malunggay leaves and 100% vegetarian capsules. Produced in an ISO-certified facility, Go-Lacta® ensures a high-quality and safe premium product for mom and baby.

Give your baby more of the perfect food — your own breast milk. Make sure you produce enough with Go-Lacta®!

Motherlove Herbal Company

Motherlove Herbal Company creates the finest quality, pure products using certified organic ingredients.
More Milk Plus is Motherlove’s best selling herbal lactation formula. A safe and effective galactagogue formula designed to quickly increase breast milk for breastfeeding mothers.
More Milk Special Blend was specially formulated at the request of lactation consultants. It stimulates the development of mammary tissue and safely and effectively increases breast milk for women with special needs such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), breast surgery and adoptive moms. This formula is also helpful for women who did not increase in breast size during pregnancy.

Moby Wrap

Using the softest of cotton fabrics, the Moby® Wrap (mother and baby) is by far the most comfortable baby carrier available today. It distributes weight evenly from parent’s shoulders to hips and aligns baby’s center of gravity as close to the parent’s body as possible.

Simple Wishes

For every mother who has ever wished she could be in two places at once, that she had an extra set of hands, or just that she could manage her hectic schedule and still find time for herself, Simple Wishes is the simple solution she’s been waiting for. Simple Wishes is now available in stores nationwide..

Hands Free Pumping Bustier

Simple Wishes Bustier allows multi-tasking moms the chance to be more productive while they pump, or simply to take a breath and recapture a moment for themselves. Stylish and functional, and grounded in innovative, thoughtful design, the Bustier is an affordable and quality alternative to the fussy and unflattering hands free alternatives on the market



Easy Expression Hands Free Bra

Any mom who’s spent time pumping breast milk for her baby can feel like she has to drop everything to squeeze out a few drops of milk. Thanks to the Easy Expression Hands-Free Breast Pumping Bra, you can still do it all and be a milk producing mama! Since 1998, Easy Expression Products, Inc. has provided moms everywhere with the gift of pumping breast milk completely hands-free!


Maternity Boutique


Bravado- Supreme Nursing Bras originally $49.99 now $34.99

Bravado- Microfiber Nursing Bras originally $39.99 now $29.99

Bravado-Allure Nursing Bras originally $54.99 now $44.99

Bravado-Originals Nursing Bras originally $35.99 now $25.99

Medela Seamless Softcup originally $39.99 now $29.99

Medela Underwire $39.99 now $29.99

Medela Softcup with adjustable cup $38.99 now $19.99

Call or email with size/color request

Shipping Available! -Ask us about shipping this to you!

Limited sizes available- While Supplies Last!

We stock fashionable nursing wear and breastfeeding clothing for nursing mothers. All of our nursing wear features hidden openings for discreet breastfeeding. [Read more…]

Replacement & Spare Parts

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We carry the latest pro consumer  breastpumps. Get a free pump consultation when you purchase a pump from us, with low prices and expert advice we match you with your needs.
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Our rental line of breastpumps are all professional and hospital-grade assuring properly serviced and sanitary equipment.
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